Get the Movesense Developer Kit and start working on your concept. The kit is now available for all developers. The firmware is currently in early beta phase and a Level 1 beta is scheduled for the beginning of July.

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Developer Resources

Developer tool links
Xcode (for iOS)
Android Studio
GCC toolchain for sensor firmware

Movesense Software Development Kit (to be published at a later time)
– API documentation
– Mobile libraries for iOS and Android
– Movesense sensor software platform
– Code examples (mobile & sensor)

Technical Specifications

Download the tech specs that describe Movesense sensor and connector and learn more about their innovation opportunities.

Movesense sensor
Movesense connector


The API and example code is shared on Bitbucket. Developers are first invited to a private Bitbucket project site. When all technical and legal topics have been cleared, we’ll make the repositories public.

Get the Developer Kit now.