How to use DFU (Device Firmware Update) with Showcase App

The best way to upgrade your Movesense sensor is to use dedicated Showcase app. The latest .apk file can be downloaded from downloads section.

Preparing your DFU package

You can use precompiled examples or build your own application and prepare dfu package (How to start).

Upload your zip DFU package to the mobile phone and run Showcase app.

Using Showcase app for DFU upgrade

Android application will connect and ask if it is ok to flash the device. Click yes. Movesense will be reseted to DFU mode. The red LED should shine continuously and uploading process should start. Depends on package you choose w/wo bootloader there could be two or one uploading process. After successful update the "Updated successfully" message should be displayed.

DFU Recovery Mode

There could be situation that build package contains faulty application (it can happen during development process of new application). For those situations there is a mechanism to put Movesense into DFU mode manually:

  1. Remove battery
  2. Short circuit AFE pins and keep shorted (by fingers)
  3. Insert battery taking care to not let it disconnect again
  4. The led will stay lit for a few seconds and then start blinking
  5. As soon as led starts blinking, immediately release AFE pins to enter DFU mode (less than 1 second period)

When the Movesense device has entered DFU mode it will be visible as "DfuTarg" with different BT-MAC address. The device is also visible as "DfuTarg" if the upgrade process is interrupted for a some reason.

When the sensor is in the DFU mode (advertises as "DfuTarg"), the firmware can be updated with Showcase app (above) or using Nordic Semiconductors "nRF Connect" application.