Movesense includes a set of developer tools, API’s, the Movesense sensor and professional support that will allow you to create dedicated applications and services for your favorite sports and other motion sensing needs.

Suunto and Amer Sports invite everyone interested to innovate and turn their own ideas into practice.

Developing with Movesense

Do you have an idea and the skills needed to develop new digital solutions? Do you want to turn your expertise into a business?

Movesense is an evolving development environment and hardware that enable building all kinds of sports and motion measurement solutions in a fast and cost effective way. It is based on the sports and technology expertise of Suunto and Amer Sports group but is open for all interested parties to join.

Fast development

Movesense includes ready-made software building blocks and commonly used programming tools that help you to turn your idea into a testable prototype within days. Movesense expands REST architecture from the Internet to the world of small devices, opening a new dimension of innovation for your solutions.

Build your business

Movesense sensor is your golden opportunity to create a totally new business or expand on your founding. All the hardware engineering, sourcing and manufacturing is already done for you. All you need is a great idea and the software development to make it come true.

Unique in-device apps

With the possibility to run applications in the sensor, you can build new types of solutions that pre-process and store the data before it is sent to mobile phone. For instance, you can teach the sensor to track selected motion patterns.

Get the Movesense Developer kit now and start your project!