Movesense includes a set of developer tools, API’s, the Movesense sensor and professional support that will allow you to create dedicated applications and services for your favorite sports and other motion sensing needs.

Suunto and Amer Sports invite everyone interested to innovate and turn their own ideas into practice.

Partnering with Movesense

Are you looking into improving your products?
Is wearable tech part of your strategy?

With Movesense you can quickly develop and commercialize new ideas in sports measurement, activity monitoring and wearable tech even if digital technology is not your core business.

Kickstart your digital business

Movesense provides you a fast and cost effective way to test your ideas and a strong foundation to compete in the rapidly expanding world of wearable technology. All the hardware engineering, sourcing and manufacturing is already done for you. You only need a great idea and the software development to make it come true.

Proven Suunto technology

Benefit from Suunto’s long heritage in creating high quality sports instruments and leverage the manufacturing scale and sourcing efficiency of Amer Sports that are the basis of Movesense. Instead of using an anonymous Internet of Things platform to commercialize your concept or developing everything from scratch, enjoy the field-proven components and a partnership with well-known sports brands.

Develop with Experienced Partners

Bring your idea to life by collaborating with a software development company that already utilizes the Movesense developer tools and APIs. We have a list of software partners who are ready to get started with your project.