Wireless Wearable Sensor
For Medical And Sports Use

Movesense is a scalable, programmable and certified Bluetooth ECG, heart rate and movement sensor
that solves your patient and sports monitoring needs.


MDR 2017/745 certified ECG, HR, HRV and motion sensor for patient monitoring and tracking human health at home and in clinical setting.

Movesense sensor HR+ front


Cutting edge wearable sensor for sports and other activities. HR, HRV, 1-lead non-medical ECG, and 9-axis IMU for movement measurements.

Connect Movesense to your application

Movesense sensors provide 1-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability and movement data to your patient or athlete data solution.

Movesense MD is a MDR 2017/745 certified class IIa medical device that can be used in remote patient monitoring, preventive interventions, rehabilitation, and clinical assessments.

Movesense Active provides high quality sports metrics and wellbeing data for non-medical use such as training load assessment, sleep monitoring, and activity tracking.

Build your own wearable products

With the proven, programmable Movesense sensor, you can ramp-up your wearable solutions quickly and cost-effectively and scale to the market immediately.

  • Use the extensive out-of-the-box functionality with your existing host device or application.
  • Customize the sensor firmware for your use case.
  • Build compatible mobile apps with our powerful, free developer tools.
  • Available with your logo in flexible mass quantities.
  • Suitable for remote patient monitoring, telehealth, cardiac monitoring, sports monitoring, and more.

Movesense is designed, developed and manufactured in Finland.