Better Sports Sensing


Movesense enables intelligent measurement solutions for all sports.

Movesense is an open development environment for motion sensing solutions. Its easy and innovative tools 
revolutionize measuring and sensing sports. With Movesense, you can make better sense of your favorite sports activities.

You can track motion, analyze the data, and gain valuable insights while unlocking a whole new level of sports experience for participants and athletes. And you don’t need to restrict to sports – Movesense can track anything that moves.

Build your own wearables or make existing gear smart and connected. Use the Movesense toolkit to develop, test and take your idea to market faster and easier than ever.


Movesense includes a set of developer tools, API’s, the Movesense sensor and professional support that will allow you to create dedicated applications and services for your favorite sports and other motion sensing needs.

Suunto and Amer Sports invite everyone interested to innovate and turn their own ideas into practice.

How does it work?

Anyone can develop

We invite companies and individuals to build their own solutions for their favorite sports within the Movesense environment. Developing is fast and straightforward for any programmer. Common developer tools and methods apply, and the platform is available for all interested parties.

Use in any activity

Movesense offers motion sensing and other smart features for any sport or activity. The Movesense sensor can be easily attached to a person as well as apparel and gear. The same sensor can perform different applications in different situations or contexts.

Find the tool you need

As the range of Movesense solutions grows, you’ll be able to find a perfect sensing solution for your specific need. When your activities change, your can use different applications with the same Movesense device.

Movesense is a connectivity technology and sense-making platform developed by Suunto. Connect anything to anything, collect the data you want, make sense of it – effortlessly.