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Movesense is global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting edge wireless wearable sensors for sports, medical, patient monitoring and research applications – and beyond.
We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified, privately owned Finnish high technology company, headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, just 10 minutes from the Helsinki airport. Our sensors are designed and manufactured in Finland. We serve our global customer base with high quality Movesense branded as well as OEM white labeled sensor products for medical, sports and variety of other uses requiring high quality ECG, HR, HRV and/or motion measurements. Our diverse customer base includes sports brands, medical device manufacturers, researchers, IoT innovators and many other industries, and we supply both Class IIa medically certified Movesense MD sensors and Movesense sports sensors in volumes ranging from single units to mass production quantities.

Movesense product compliance information: https://www.movesense.com/conformity.

Movesense related publications and research papers: https://movesense.com/publications.

Investor enquiries: invest@movesense.com

Product and service related questions: info@movesense.com

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Granted ISO 13485:2016 Quality System Certificate of Movesense

Fast track with Movesense

Bring your own sensor product to market quickly and cost effectively with Movesense

Movesense Medical sensor is certified as a class IIa device. Movesense sensors have radio and product safety approvals that cover major markets, and the coverage can be extended.

OEM Mass production capability
Movesense sensors are available in mass production volumes and with pre-programmed customer firmware and OEM branding.

Save time and money vs. developing your own hardware
No need to invest your resources on hardware development, testing and manufacturing. Movesense shortens your time to market and cuts costs dramatically vs. building everything from scratch.

Turn your expertise into user value
With Movesense, you can concentrate on your own big idea and focus on generating high end-user value with mobile and sensor applications.

Network of companies
The growing Movesense ecosystem offers partnering opportunities and supports its members in development, awareness building and credibility. Together we are stronger than alone.

What’s unique in Movesense?

The Movesense platform enables a similar revolution in the world of wearable sensors as open application development did in mobile phones, and well-defined APIs on the Internet.

Certified Movesense is certified as a class IIa device of medical use and has a wide range of radio and product approvals for non-medical uses, sucha as sports.

Available Movesense is available in small to large to mass quantities, with customer branding/white labeling. The standard firmware providing access to raw unprocessed ECG, HR, HRV (RR intervals), acceleration, angular veolcity and magnetic field data – with configurable sample rates and dynamic ranges, as well as customer’s own firmware pre-programmed.

Made in Finland Movesense sensors are designed and made in Finland.

The sensor can run your own applications. Movesense is the first commercially available, consumer-level wearable sensor that offers a managed API for 3rd party apps in micro controller environment. This is the first time that an app ecosystem comes to small sensor devices similarly to mobile phones. You can process the measured data on the sensor and set the sensor to send calculated results instead of streaming raw data. This minimizes the need for data transfer, power consumption, and allows operating the sensor without continuous wireless connection.

– Read more about Movesense technology

REST API. Movesense is the first commercially available micro controller based device that provides a REST API, conceptually familiar to developers from web apps. This simplifies the app development dramatically. You can build your own services on top of the API and use these services as part of your app equally to the ones offered by the firmware. The REST API is symmetric, meaning that the sensor can use the services that your phone offers and vice versa.

Ready to use in tough conditions. Movesense sensor is not just a circuit board like many other IoT sensors. It is a complete product, ready to ship & use with your functionality and your logo. It’s shock and water resistant, tiny and lightweight, extremely power efficient, tested and certified with relevant radio approvals. A sensor model registered as a medical device is also available. The sensor is manufactured in Finland and is available to any interested company or developer in any quantity.

Movesense connector. Movesense connector is a simple way to make a piece of apparel or equipment ready for smart features. Attach the connector to the piece that you want to make smart, plug in a Movesense sensor and, off you go! The connector is available as a plain mechanical holder and as a smart connector that has an ID chip with an individual ID. When attached, the sensor can read the ID of the connector. This context awareness can be used for an additional dimension in your custom sensor apps.

– Movesense connector details

How does it work?

Anyone can develop

We invite companies and individuals to build their own wearable solutions with Movesense. With our open developer tools and open source sample code, developing is fast and efficient. The platform is available for all interested parties and it doesn’t require learning any proprietary programming methods.

Use in any activity

Movesense offers motion sensing, heart rate monitoring and ECG measurement for any activity. The Movesense sensor can be easily attached to a person as well as apparel and gear. The same sensor can perform different applications in different situations.

Wide partner network

The ecosystem around Movesense is growing rapidly. In the network, you can find partners for developing your solution if you don’t have in-house developers, researchers to validate your concepts, sales and marketing partners, and other collaboration opportunities.

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