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Movesense is global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting edge wireless wearable sensors for sports, medical, patient monitoring and research applications – and beyond.

Movesense Ltd is an ISO 13485:2016 certified, privately owned Finnish high technology company, headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, just 10 minutes from the Helsinki airport. Our sensors are designed and manufactured in Finland. We serve our global customer base with high quality Movesense branded as well as OEM customer white labeled sensor products for health, sports and other uses requiring high quality ECG, HR, HRV and/or motion measurements.

Our diverse customer base includes healthcare operators, medical device manufacturers, tele health/remote patient monitoring players, researchers, IoT innovators, sports brands, and many other industries, from all continents. We supply both Class IIa medically certified Movesense MD sensors and Movesense sports sensors in volumes ranging from single units to mass production quantities. Both as Movesense branded and with OEM customer branding.

Please contact info@movesense.com for Movesense Ltd’s NATO NCAGE code.

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Granted ISO 13485:2016 Quality System Certificate of Movesense

Fast track with Movesense

Bring your own sensor product to market quickly and cost effectively with Movesense

Movesense Medical sensor is certified as a Class IIa medical device (MDR 2017/745), making it ready to use for health applications. Movesense sensors have radio and product safety approvals that cover major markets. The coverage can be extended, as needed.

OEM mass production capability
Movesense sensors are available in mass production volumes and with pre-programmed customer firmware and OEM branding. No need to invest your resources in hardware development, testing and manufacturing. Movesense shortens your time to market and cuts costs dramatically vs. building everything from scratch.

Easy integration
With Movesense API’s and developer tools, you can quickly integrate Movesense sensors to provide rich measurement data to your existing application. You have full access to sensor raw data and complete control on where the data is stored. You can also develop your own sensor firmware to run your own algorithms locally on the sensor.

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What’s unique in Movesense?

Focus on creating user value and building business instead of developing hardware

Available and scalable
Movesense is available from small to mass quantities, with customer branding/white labeling. The standard firmware provides access to raw unprocessed ECG, HR, HRV (RR intervals), acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field data with configurable sample rates and dynamic ranges.

The sensor can run your own applications
Movesense offers a managed REST API for 3rd party apps. You can build your own services on top of the API to process the measured data on the sensor, and set the sensor to send calculated results instead of streaming raw data. This optimizes the battery life and allows standalone operation of the sensor. Your custom firmware can be pre-programmed to devices on the production line.

Made in Finland
Movesense sensors are designed and made in Finland. Data storage and use is completely under your own control.

Fit for tough conditions
Movesense sensor is not just a circuit board like many other IoT sensors. It is a complete product, ready to ship & use with your functionality and your logo. It’s shock and water resistant, tiny and lightweight, extremely power efficient, tested and proven in the field in hundreds of applications. It is ready to use with relevant certifications and radio approvals.

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How does it work?

Build and validate a proof of concept and commercialize it as your own product

Anyone can develop

We invite companies and individuals to build their own wearable solutions with Movesense. With our open developer tools and open source sample code, developing is fast and efficient. You can quickly create a working prototype of a sensor concept for your own use case, test it with target users, and take it to the market with your own brand.

Use in any activity

Movesense offers motion sensing, heart rate monitoring and ECG measurement for any activity. The Movesense sensor can be easily attached to a person as well as apparel and gear. The same sensor can perform different applications in different situations. For medical use, there is Movesense Medical sensor, certified as a Class IIa medical device (MDR 2017/745).

Wide partner network

The ecosystem around Movesense is growing rapidly. In the network, you can find partners for developing your solution if you don’t have in-house developers, researchers to validate your concepts, sales and marketing partners, and other collaboration opportunities.

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