Movesense Developer beta program succesfully ended

Movesense beta program ended in June 2017 with the successful launch of Movesense Developer Kit and publishing of Movesense code on Bitbucket. To start experimeting with your own ideas, go to the Developer section.

Movesense Developer beta program is a unique opportunity to get hands on an innovative development environment for motion sensing among the first experts.

We are inviting no more than 50 individuals or teams to join the program, based on applications.

Participants will receive a free Movesense Developer Kit with two Movesense sensors and connectors and an access to the beta SDK. During the program, we expect participants to use the Developer Kit and to give us feedback to finalize the SDK. The SDK will be made publicly available after the program.

The selection will be based on the professionalism, enthusiasm and commercial potential that we read from your application. However, the criteria are not fixed and we reserve the right to select the beta program participants on subjective basis without giving an explanation why a specific applicant was or was not selected.

To participate, you will need a Bitbucket account. We will request selected participants to accept a light weight evaluation agreement.