10 Benefits of Movesense Sensor for Scientific Research

Movesense is a highly versatile ECG and movement sensor for research, healthcare, sports, education, and a diverse range of other application areas. Scientists who use Movesense sensors in their work have reported a number of reasons that make the device especially well suited for research purposes. Here are the top-10 benefits:

  1. Programmability: The sensor can be re-configured and functionally optimized, making it both useful and specific in every new research project.
  2. Unit cost: Movesense sensor is clearly more affordable than most alternative systems. In scientific research projects, this allows larger sample sizes or lower equipment budget.
  3. Edge computing: Movesense sensor is not only for streaming raw data but it can process data locally. Converting raw data into meaningful results already in the sensor minimizes the amount of data that needs to be transmitted. This reduces remarkably the use of wireless communication (BLE) and allows a long battery life with a replaceable CR2025 battery.
  4. Internal memory: The sensor can calculate and record results in its internal memory autonomously without a mobile connection and upload them to a phone for instance once a day. This makes data collecting very flexible and fitting naturally to research subjects’ normal life and ensures that no data is missing.
  5. Fast Development: The Movesense platform includes a ready-to-use data collecting mobile app and open source sample code for both the sensor and mobile that save resources, speed up the development, and enable the prototyping of ideas within days.
  6. Size and Weight: The small and lightweight sensor (9.4g/0.33oz) is unobtrusive to wear in daily life and is robust enough to survive all kinds of crashes and submersion.
  7. Attaching Accessories: To ensure that the collected data captures the research phenomenon in the right way, it’s essential to place the sensor correctly for the measurement. The Movesense platform includes various accessories such as wrist band and heart rate strap for this purpose.
  8. Full control of data: Movesense gives users full access to raw sensor data and full control over where and how the recorded data is stored.
  9. Development Support: Movesense team is happy to help with technical questions, and experienced Movesense development partners can run a full development project for you if needed.
  10. Going Commercial: Movesense offers a direct path to commercialize the findings of your scientific research if something useful is found. Custom branding and custom sensor firmware can be added directly in the production line, starting from as low minimum quantities as 200 pieces, and the volume can be scaled up to any desired quantity.

If you are interested in using Movesense sensors in your own scientific research project, have a look at our Research Bundle of sensors and chest straps. We’d also recommend to get familiar with Movesense Academic Program. On the Academic Program page you will also find a list of published research reports with Movesense as a data collecting tool.

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