Build your own use-case and energy optimized sensor apps that process and store data locally or, stream raw data to process it on a phone. Movesense platform offers a REST type API and a symmetric client-server architecture that make it highly versatile and practical for new sensor solutions.

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Developer Resources

Developer tool links:
Xcode (for iOS)
Android Studio
GCC toolchain for sensor firmware

Movesense Developer Kit links:
– Movesense sensor library on Bitbucket
Mobile libraries for iOS and Android
Movesense platform documentation
Repositories include setup instructions and sample apps for both mobile & sensor.

Technical Specifications

Download the tech specs that describe Movesense sensor and connector and learn more about their innovation opportunities.

Movesense sensor
Movesense connector


The API and example code is shared on Bitbucket. The repositories public for all developers to view and use. You are also welcome to contribute to the code base.

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