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Build your own use-case and energy optimized sensor apps that process and store data locally or, stream raw data to process it on a phone. Movesense platform offers a REST type API and a symmetric client-server architecture that make it highly versatile and practical for new sensor solutions.


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The low-cost kit includes two Movesense sensors that can run your own apps and a chest strap to measure heart rate with the sensor or attach the sensor to a place you want to measure.

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Install Development Environment

Movesense software repositories and instructions for setting up the environment are on Bitbucket.

For Movesense development, you will need C++ tools for sensor apps and iOS/Android tools for developing respective mobile apps.

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With the sample apps, you can quickly get data flowing from sensor to phone and you can upload new apps to the sensor with a Device Firmware Update provided by phone sample apps.

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Find Out More

Learn more about Movesense technology and its opportunities on the Technology page.

Links to documentation and useful Resources.

Technical Specifications

Download the tech specs that describe Movesense sensor and
connector and learn more about their innovation opportunities.

— Movesense sensor
— Movesense connector

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