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Getting started with Movesense sensor is simple. Just get a sensor, install Movesense Showcase app on your phone, and you are ready to start collecting raw data from the sensor. To build your own use-case specific, energy optimized sensor apps, there’s plenty of sample code, a desktop simulator and other useful tools available. Links to the tools are collected in the Resources section.


Get Developer Kit

The low-cost kit includes a Movesense sensor that can run your own apps, a chest strap to measure heart rate with the sensor and accessories to attach the sensor in various ways for movement measurement.

Get Developer Hardware Kit


Install Development Environment

Movesense software repositories and instructions for setting up the environment are on Bitbucket.

For Movesense development, you will need C++ tools for sensor apps and iOS/Android tools for developing respective mobile apps.

Read Documentation


Start Exploring

With the Movesense Showcase mobile app, you can quickly get data flowing from sensor to phone. With the mobile app, you can also upload new firmware to the sensor.

View sample Apps

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