How to Get Started?

How to get started with Movesense depends on your background. We can help brands, athletes and coaches get started, and developers can start right away. Find out how below.

Add sense to your products.

If you want to use Movesense to build a smart dimension into your products but don’t have the ability to do it in-house, contact us and we’ll help you get started.

We will connect you with one of our development partners who is experienced with the Movesense environment and who can create the right solution for you quickly and effectively.

Develop your own solution.

If you are ready to start developing Movesense solutions right away, get the Movesense Development Kit now and receive  access to a beta SDK presented in the developer section.

We have been running a limited beta development program from Febryary to June 2017 to finalize the SDK. In June, we are opening it to everyone. The Level 1 Beta release of the firmware is scheduled for July 2017.

Bring your idea to life.

Do you have a unique idea or a specific measurement need for your own sport? Contact any developer or software company to turn your idea into reality.

If needed, we can connect you with one of our preferred software partners who will develop a dream solution for you.