Movesense Master Program

This is a chance of a lifetime: enroll now into the Movesense Master Program to get a front seat view on the endless possibilities in the world of Movesense sensoring! You will receive a kick-start update on the Movesense Sensor technology, which is a perfect tool for everything from simple motion measurement use cases to advanced heart rate analytics and to all the way to advanced exploration in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a unique building block for new digital business and consumer engagement.

At the Movesense HQ, we will will provide you with a tons of insights, expertise and tips’n’tricks that you can use to solve your or your customers’ sensing needs.

Qualified Movesense Masters will receive a certificate after completing the test as a proof of their special training and expertise.

And what’s both the coolest and the hottest part at the same time: Winner of the Movesense Master Program’s Grand Finale, selected by the Grand Jury, will see his/her concept to materialize from idea into a proof of concept.

What’s in it for you

  • Front seat view on Movesense solution training
  • Access to Movesense Developer kits
  • Reference materials and cool use case examples
  • Kick start intro into AI/ML data gathering
  • Fast track support for your awesome sensoring case(s)

How to apply

  1. Start by going through the content on to get a preview of what Movesense is about and how it can be used. A good place to start is the Movesense Showcases section:
  2. Once you’ve studied the material we have made available, take a simple test to confirm that you have the knowledge.
  3. After successful completion of the test you will receive a precious Movesense Ambassador Certificate and you are eligible to Movesense Master Program Grand Finale, an innovation contest for Amer Sports employees.

Movesense Master Program Grand Finale

  1. Think of all the coolest sports instrumentation ideas you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know how to make them happen.
  2. Once your killer idea materializes, send your free form concept description via email to The concept should describe the idea, target group, business opportunity and other things you find relevant.
  3. The grand jury at the Movesense HQ will select the Movesense Master Program Grand Finale winner mid June 2019.
  4. The winner will receive a substantial support package from the Movesense team to clarify the concept and to make it reach the daylight in the form of a proof of concept level implementation.
  5. For runner-ups, we will provide help in the concept clarification and can introduce to the Movesense Developer partners for further discussions.
  6. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll help you forward.
    Here’s the direct contact info for the Movesense headquarters:

Act now, the seats are limited!

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