Build new smart wearables for sports, well-being, and daily life.

Track anything that moves

Optimized for exercise and daily activities, Movesense Active is an ideal platform for creating new smart wearables for well-being and sports.

With integrated heart rate, movement measurement, and an open API, Movesense Active can provide new insights into all sports in the world.

Rely on proven sensor hardware

Movesense is designed, tested and manufactured in Finland. Originally developed by the world renowned sports watch company Suunto, it is now used by numerous companies for a wide range of applications.

With Movesense, you can build your own product using a unique programmable wearable sensor. The device comes with your logo and functionality out of the production line.

Movesense is an open heart rate and movement sensor for developing new smart wearables


Programmability – Developers and OEM customers can build custom apps to tailor the Movesense sensor functionality for specific use cases. Open API, developer tools, sample code and technical support are available.

Time to market – Invest in delivering customer value and skip developing, testing and sourcing new hardware. With Movesense, you can focus on commercializing your concept and save time and money when bringing it to market.

Wearability – The small and lightweight sensor is unobtrusive to wear and sustains rough handling and conditions. It can be integrated into apparel and gear to make it a natural part of an activity.

Key features

  • Movement measurement (9-axis IMU:
    accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • Heart rate (bpm), R-R intervals, single channel ECG (non-medical), Bluetooth heart rate profile
  • Small and lightweight (9.4g/0.33oz with battery)
  • Wireless data transmission with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Memory for data logging and for custom sensor apps
  • User replaceable CR 2025 battery
  • Swim and shock proof

Download Data Sheet

— Movesense Sensor HR2
— Movesense Sensor HR+



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