Ultralight wearable sensor for stand-alone ECG, heart rate, and movement data recording

Unobtrusive ECG, heart rate, and motion data logger for long-term use

Movesense Flash is a small, versatile, and extremely durable sensor capable of recording accurate 1-lead ECG, heart rate intervals, and movement data for post-analysis.

It is ideal for companies and researchers to collect long periods of user’s physiological and biomechanical data without a phone connection and with as little user interaction as possible.

Movesense Flash is particularly suitable for well-being, sports and research, as well as applications where wireless data security is essential.

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Stand-alone operation ECG, heart rate, and movement data recording without a constant connection to receiving device:
no need to carry a phone when logging data.

Data security in situations where radio transmission is undesirable or Bluetooth connection is impossible – even underwater.

Small, lightweight, and unobtrusive to wear at the right measurement location on the body during long, continuous data recording.

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Key features

  • Single channel ECG, heart rate, R-R intervals
  • Movement measurement (9-axis IMU: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • 128MB on-board memory for autonomous data logging: capacity for over 60h of 1-lead ECG or 7 days of raw movement data.
  • Wireless data transmission with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Edge Computing: program the sensor with your own algorithms
  • Small and lightweight (9.4g/0.33oz with battery)
  • User replaceable CR 2025 battery

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Commercialize your concept

With Movesense Flash you can develop, test, and commercialize your wearable data recording concept.

Our open APIs and practical developer tools give you full access to the sensor raw data, enable firmware customization, development of compatible applications, and fluent integration with existing apps.

Scalable, Finland-based manufacturing can supply sensors in any quantity from single units to commercial mass volumes.

Movesense sensors can be white labeled with your logo and equipped with your custom firmware on the production line. To discuss your needs,

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