Movesense for Healthcare and Medtech

Add remote heart rate and single-channel ECG data to existing patient monitoring systems
Create new medical wearables with a certified, programmable sensor

Connect to existing systems or create new wearables

Movesense Medical is a Class IIa certified sensor for measuring 1-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability and movement. It has two broad application areas:

  1. Direct integration into existing health applications. The sensor’s ready-to-go ECG and heart rate measurements can be used to monitor heart rhythm remotely and in care facilities.
  2. The sensor works as a platform for developing new wearable medical devices that utilize ECG and movement measurement.

Using Movesense Medical sensor

Movesense Medical is intended for measuring singe channel ambulatory ECG and to provide precise quantitative data of human movement. It enables the investigation of the human heart and the influence of body condition, disease or injury on the movement system.

Movesense Medical is programmable and can run custom algorithms to process data locally on the sensor. It sends the measured signals to other devices to store, visualize and further analyze the data.

The device may be operated by the patient.

Wearable ECG and HR ready-to-go

Movesense Medical’s validated 1-lead ECG, HR, and heart rate intervals are ready to integrate with existing health applications. The result is an affordable, lightweight, wearable cardiac monitoring solution for the field, home use and clinical environments. Read about its benefits vs. traditional Holter monitors.

Our open API and clear documentation enable fast integration, and our experts offer support if needed. Our flexible manufacturing line in Finland can produce sensors in any desired quantity, also with your own logo. Ask more about white labeling:

Developing new medical wearables

Movesense Medical is a platform for medtech innovators to create new wearable health solutions that improve patient outcome and save care costs. With Movesense you can

  • Tailor the sensor firmware for your use case with our efficient developer tools and free sample code.
  • Develop new mobile or desktop applications for storing, processing, and visualizing the sensor data using our software libraries and open source demo apps.
  • Skip the costly and difficult hardware development and manufacturing and focus on optimizing the user value of your solution.

Wide variety of use cases

The versatility of Movesense Medical is exceptional. So far, the sensor has been used in applications related to cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics and others.

  • 1-lead ECG monitoring serves for heart rhythm analysis and detecting arrhythmias.
  • R-peak amplitude combined with heart rate variability enables an accurate estimation of the respiratory rate.
  • Accurate heart rate variability data is suitable for monitoring many different health conditions.
  • Movement measurement enables a detailed analysis of human movement and general monitoring of the user’s well-being and functional capacity.
  • The small and light sensor is easy to wear on different parts of the body, which is essential for precise movement sensing.
  • Multi-sensor setups enable the analysis of complex movement patterns.

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Research findings

Movesense Medical is actively used in scientific research. These articles are particularly interesting for health use:

Automatic Mobile Health Arrhythmia Monitoring for the Detection of Atrial Fibrillation: Prospective Feasibility, Accuracy, and User Experience Study. Cardiologists visually identified Atrial Fibrillation from the Movesense Medical ECG recording with 100% accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. Users preferred Movesense to the reference Holter device for home use.

The Movesense Medical Sensor Chest Belt Device as Single Channel ECG for RR Interval Detection and HRV Analysis during Resting State and Incremental Exercise: A Cross-Sectional Validation Study. The study concluded that Movesense Medical can be used in lieu of a reference 12-channel ECG for the calculation of HRV and represents a significant advance in both a HR and HRV recording device in a chest belt form factor for lab-based or remote field-application.

Estimation of Respiratory Frequency in Women and Men by Kubios HRV Software Using the Polar H10 or Movesense Medical ECG Sensor during an Exercise Ramp. In the context of exercise intensity assessment and threshold demarcation, the respiratory frequency values seen with the Movesense Medical sensor ECG were virtually indistinguishable to that of the reference device values (direct gas exchange measurement).

Multidimensional Biomechanics-Based Score to Assess Disease Progression in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Researchers developed a system to monitor DMD progression more representatively than the current gold standard. The system uses five Movesense Medical sensors for measuring joint angles, gait parameters, and exertion and to detect specific events.

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