Movesense Medical for Health Use

Movesense Medical Sensor

Movesense Medical is a programmable, wireless ECG and movement sensor, used as a signal measurement device to provide data for medical applications and host devices.  Movesense Medical is a class IIa medical device accessory, in conformity with the EU Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745 and other relevant standards. Movesense Medical measures single channel ECG, heart rate, beat-to-beat intervals and movement.

Movesense Medical is capable of measuring, processing and sending the measurement data wirelessly to smartphones via Bluetooth LE. Free mobile application for evaluation purposes, software development kit and example source codes are available to support starting the data collection.

Movesense Medical can be used also for OEM use cases. The sensor is scalable, in mass production and available in flexible small or large quantities with customer branding, allowing the customers to focus on the algorithm and application development and commercialization instead of developing proprietary hardware.

Movesense Medical is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Please contact us to learn more and to hear how Movesense Medical sensor could solve your measurement needs.


Movesense Medical Basic Facts

  • Class IIa medical device
  • For medical OEMs and professionals
  • Measurement capabilities:
    • Single channel ECG, Heart Rate, Beat-to-Beat intervals
    • Motion (9-axis IMU; acceleration, gyro, magnetometer)
  • Availability
    • Evaluation kit with sample source codes available in the Movesense Online Store:
      Movesense Medical Evaluation Sensor
    • Individual Movesense MD sensors for diagnostic patient use: contact

Technical Highlights of the Movesense Medical Sensor

  1. Programmability: Developers and OEM customers can build custom apps to tailor the functionality of the Movesense Medical sensor for specific use cases.
  2. Local Data Processing: Converting raw data into meaningful results already in the sensor minimizes the amount of data that needs to be transmitted. This reduces remarkably the use of wireless communication (BLE) and extends the battery life.
  3. Internal memory: The sensor can calculate and record results in its internal memory autonomously without a mobile connection and upload them to a phone for instance once a day.
  4. Size and Weight: The small and lightweight sensor (<10g/0.35oz) is unobtrusive to wear even in continuous everyday use and can sustain mechanical impacts and submersion.
  5. Development Support: Movesense team is there to help you with technical questions and experienced Movesense development partners can run a full development project for you if needed. Movesense platform includes data collecting mobile apps that work out-of-the box and sample apps for both the sensor and mobile that support the prototyping of ideas.
  6. Going Commercial: Custom branding and custom firmware of the sensor are available straight from the production line.

Possible Applications

  • Home healthcare
  • Remote monitoring
  • Diagnostics & testing
  • Preventive interventions
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Tracking of recovery process


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