Movesense Sensor Custom Branding

Brand Movesense With Your Logo

Movesense is a sensor development platform that can be used to create your own wearable solutions.

You can program your own functionality to the sensor, set your own Bluetooth name, and order the sensors with your own logo.

Also a packaging template is available as well as a user manual draft with general instructions and chapters required by law.

Logo customization principles

  • For orders of 100 pieces or more, the unit price of the sensor includes a custom logo. Smaller orders with custom logo are possible with separate pricing.
  • The logo is printed on a polyester film. The printing area is round, diameter 26,8 mm.
  • The recommended print color is white on a black background. Other colors are possible, but this work best both visually and technically.
  • The sensor is also available in a blank version if you want to produce the logo stickers yourself.

Start designing your own logo for the Movesense sensor by requesting a design template and other guidelines via

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