July 10th, 2017

Movesense Level 1 Beta on Bitbucket

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Level 1 beta of the Movesense firmware is now released on Bitbucket. There are two repositories, one for the sensor firmware and and another one for mobile side. The repositories will be changed from private to public once we get a few legal topics clarified.

Here the most essential new features and improvements of this version:

  • Cleaned up and simplified Movesense API that will be backwards compatible
  • Heart rate API: beats per minute and beat-to-beat interval
  • Gear API for reading a unique gear ID via Movesense physical connector (1-wire)
  • BLE advertising API
  • New wake-up triggers: heart rate, different gestures (e.g. tap, double tap)
  • Improved idle and active power consumption
  • New feature-rich sample apps for iOS and Android, using the new Movesense Device Service mobile library (full REST API support)

Next steps (planned for end of August)

  • Optimization and bug fixing on continuous basis
  • Finalizing missing services to the Level 1
  • Logbook improvements
  • IMU API (Inertial Measurement Unit)
  • BLE security and pairing
  • Indication API (LED blinking)

As always, please keep your feedback coming. That helps us to prioritize our development efforts to the most productive topics.

To start your own project, get an SDK from movesense.com/shop.

Featured image from a demo built by Ain1 that presented their case in Movesense Meetup in June.

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