August 31st, 2017

Launch your Movesense based solution with Suunto at CES 2018!

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Suunto will be exhibiting at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas January 9-12, 2018. Part of the booth will be dedicated space for Movesense. We are excited to invite you to share your Movesense-based product with us at our booth in the Health & Wellness area of CES. If this opportunity fits into your launch plan, here’s how you can join:

  • Send your launch plan to terho.lahtinen at by the end of September. The plan should include at least the following: Description of your product concept, when will it be commercially available, an overall description of your launch activities and the role of CES in your launch campaign; status of your current development project, and your contribution to the overall Movesense awareness.
  • We would particularly like to see concepts that are related to sports, wellbeing, daily life, health, or other applications that are designed for consumer market. To maximize the PR impact, we will prioritize projects that have not been published before CES.
  • Depending on the number of applications, the progress of their development projects, and the fit with the overall Movesense story, we will select 2-4 partners who will be invited to launch their project in the Movesense area of Suunto booth.
  • We will evaluate all applications right away and give feedback within few days after receiving them. Final selections will be made on October 2nd and selected partners are informed immediately.
  • The selected partners will have a one day slot to launch and present their product in the Movesense area of Suunto booth. Suunto / Movesense will build PR around the launches.

Further criteria:

  • The product should be shipping to customers during the first half of 2018.
  • We will have an evaluation gate in the end of October when the partner has to show a “ready enough” level to demonstrate that its launch in January is realistic. Movesense team reserves the right to leave a partner out from the CES booth at this point if the project is not deemed ready enough.
  • We will prioritize products with promising commercial potential. This is measured from the perspective of expected Movesense sensor orders during 2018. However, Movesense team reserves the right to select the partners at its own discretion and will not give any explanations for the selections.

Other principles:

  • Suunto / Movesense will register two members of each selected partner team to CES, free of charge to the partner.
  • Partner will take care of its own travel and accommodation costs and arrangements.
  • General booth costs are covered by Suunto / Movesense. There will be a screen available for partner branding and presentations. All other booth materials specific to the partner launch are covered by the partner.

Details of the booth presentation and materials, external communication and other practicalities will be agreed separately with each selected partner.

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