August 31st, 2017

Movesense Event Calendar for Autumn 2017

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Movesense team is preparing an active event tour for the autumn. We are going to be present at the following shows and conferences. Hope to see you there as well! In addition, we have started setting up the next Movesense Meetup for developers and partner companies. This will take place in early October. More info on the Meetup to come soon.

20-22.9. European MEMS sensor summit, Grenoble, France. Stage presentation about the future of sports measurement.

13.-14.10. Biohacker Summit, Helsinki, Finland. A development challenge to event participants + a meeting point / booth at the event.

14.-15.11. MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany. Booth in the conference.

15.-16.11. IDTechEx, Santa Clara, USA. Booth + stage presentation.

23.-26.11. Junction, Helsinki, Finland. The biggest hackathon in Europe, more than 1500 developers frmo all over the world. Movesense challenge with prizes, Movesense sensors available for hack projects of various themes.

28.-29.11. Smash, Helsinki, Finland. An innovative start-up event that connects sport, technology and companies in a unique way. Movesense booth and other activities.

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