September 25th, 2017

New Sensor Firmware Version Available

Hello Developers,

last week we released the version 0.9.0 of the Movesense sensor firmware on Bitbucket. This release adds a number of important elements and improves the overall quality of the software. Key improvements include

  • New sensor sample applications: s sens_output_test_app, hr_wakeup_app
  • Cmake files now available for sample applications
  • Release build of the Movesense library available
  • New version of Whiteboard communication library (3.4.1)
  • Blinky_app sample application now uses Indication API
  • Power and memory optimizations
  • Supports new HW variants of the Movesense sensor
  • Eeprom memory provider added: /Component/Eeprom
  • Fix: Wake-up for MAX3000x series AFE
  • Fix: UART settings problem
  • Fix: BLE advertising period too short
  • Fix: Battery level advertiser is not working
  • Fix: Magnetometer not working correctly

Refer to ‘’ file on Bitbucket for a detailed list of new features. We were  hoping to be able to call this release 1.0.0 but few things are still to come to make the first complete release, so this is 0.9.

As it comes to the actual sensor, we are preparing for mass production ramp-up the beginning of October, starting next week.

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