October 25th, 2017

Movesense Demo Awards at Biohacker Summit

Movesense was one of the partners of Biohacker Summit, Europe’s top biohacking conference on Oct 14-15. As part of our presence, we invited participants to propose Movesense demo ideas and sent developer kits to the best ideas. During the event we awarded two demos:

Jussi Virkkala, Medical Physicist at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health developed a reaction time test that utilizes the sensor LED and motion tracking to assess a person’s alertness. The target is to use this as an easy field test in different occupational health related assessments.

Another demo was developed by Miodrag Vujkovic. His demo converts sensor motion to music – watch the video below! Miodrag had an extra challenge because the developer kit that we sent to him three weeks earlier arrived only after the event. He got another sensor from us in the evening of the first event day. He transferred his demo code to the sensor (he had programmed it without a sensor) and it worked nicely the next morning.

Congratulations to Jussi and Miodrag for your great work! We are looking forward to see the next versions of the both demos!

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