November 2nd, 2017

TactoTek® to Manufacture Movesense Smart Connector

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An important part of the Movesense platform is the Smart Connector, a component that can be used to make any piece of apparel and gear ready for smart functionalities. The Smart Connector includes printed electronics and a silicon chip that provides context specific profile based on where it is integrated.

We are happy to announce that TactoTek will be our manufacturing partner for the connector .TactoTek will manufacture the Smart connector in its Oulu, Finland factory.

TactoTek, founded in 2011, creates injection-molded structural electronics (IMSE) that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. Plastics-encapsulated electronics are inherently durable and protected from the environment.

The Smart Connector is a key part of the Movesense platform that integrates into garments, shoes, sports equipment, even dog collars, and other items that require a flexible connector for the Movesense Sensor. It has an embedded ID chip that the sensor reads via a 1-wire bus.

The unique connector ID provides the sensor with context information about its location and enables for example automatic launch of different functions based on where the sensor is attached to, identification of the apparel or gear in use, and many other ways to further increase the versatile use options of the sensor and to create new applications with excellent user experience.

TactoTek’s technology enables Smart Connector to be thin and flexible structure, making it easy to integrate, and withstand harsh environments, including full submersion and many washing machine cycles, for a lifetime of reliable performance.

“With Movesense, Suunto has reimagined motion tracking in a way that will transform the market”, notes Jussi Harvela, CEO of TactoTek, “by delivering a platform easily optimized for different activities, and making it simple for other companies and hobbyists to build their own applications, they have created a platform that accelerates innovation. We at TactoTek are very excited to supply this part of the Movesense solution.”

Download Movesense connector tech spec sheet.

Read TactoTek’s news release on TactoTek website.

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