February 12th, 2018

IBM Cloud Tools are a Great Way to Process Movesense Data

When developing wearable tech and IoT solutions, there are a few important steps that need to be in place to succeed on the market:

First, the actual measurement has to be practical, reliable and convenient for the user. Second, the measured data must be converted into meaningful insights and conclusions. This often requires processing and analytics in the cloud.  And third, the insights have to be presented in a way that really adds value to the user. This is where your expertise and your genuine idea are in a crucial role.

Movesense sensor solves the measuring phase for a large variety of use cases. To speed up Movesense based projects on the analytics side, we have just opened a way to process Movesense data with @IBM Cloud tools. This frees up your resources to concentrate on developing the actual user value and building your business.

To learn how to use Movesense with IBM Cloud, check this IBM developer recipe and sample apps written by Movesense experts at Symbio.

If you are interested in reading how IBM and Suunto see the opportunities with Movesense, here is a case study that IBM just published about the opportunity.

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