February 2nd, 2018

Firmware update 1.3.0: Better Use with Movesense Connector

The freshly released 1.3.0 Movesense sensor firmware facilitates the use of Movesense connector benefits. The Gear API now includes a System/States path that provides an automatic connect / disconnect event when the sensor is plugged to a Movesense smart connector or a heart rate strap.

Instead of continuously polling the physical connection status, your app can now just subscribe to the system state service and get an event when the connection state changes. This is a practical way to change the app function when the sensor is plugged to or unplugged from a connector. There is a new connection scanner sample app for the Movesense sensor that demonstrates the use of the new API.

Other improvements of the 1.3.0 include a new version of the Whiteboard communication stack and a few bug fixes. Find the details on changes.md on Bitbucket. If you are still working on version 1.1 or earlier, we recommend to update right away. The update 1.2.0 introduced a new Nordic SoftDevice that remarkably improves the BLE communication with many Android phones.

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