April 26th, 2018

First Movesense Meetup Presentation Announced: Frogology Improves Swimming Technique

Frogology is a unique mobile platform to improve swimming technique. It is one of the cases to be presented at the Movesense Meetup on May 30th at Suunto office in Vantaa, Finland.

Up to now swimmers and coaches have had to rely on the traditional methods of technique assessment such as pool side coaching or video analysis. Frogology provides a mobile solution that can be used anywhere and at any time. The combination of the Movesense sensor and unique biomechanical algorithms provide accurate insight and objective tracking of progress.

Frogology was recently awarded an EU innovation grant and is proud to be working on this ambitious project with the global digital services leader Symbio to deliver a first platform in summer 2018.

Richard Tucker (richard@frogology.net) from Amphibian Technologies and Matti Lehtinen from Symbio will present the project at the Meetup. Don’t forget to follow @frogologyHQ on social media!

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