April 9th, 2018

Movesense at IDTechEx, Berlin, April 11-12.

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Welcome to meet the Movesense team at IDTechEx Show! at Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany this Wednesday and Thursday. Learn how you can you can solve your motion sensing needs with the Movesense platform and get tips about getting started with your own project. We will also show the upcoming Movesense attaching accessories and a reference implementation of a sports bra with integrated Movesense connectors and embedded heart rate electrodes.

In addition, Terho Lahtinen from the team will present in the Wearable Technologies keynotes session with the topic “Platformization Boosts The Next Generation Of Wearables”.

The presentation discusses how platforms are changing the wearables market in a similar way that happened to mobile phones 10 years ago with a summary “In 2017, many wearables brands saw declining sales and some companies exited the market completely. At the same time, the general interest in measuring and technology is higher than ever. What’s behind this gap and how technology platforms, ecosystems and open innovation will help to bridge the gap. Case: Movesense.”

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