April 30th, 2018

New Developer Tools to be Introduced at Movesense Meetup

Movesense network partners will introduce two important integrations of the Movesense platform to other developer environments at the Movesense Meetup on May 30th.

Microsoft has created a new C# API for Movesense applications on Android or iOS using Xamarin. C# developers can use the new Movesense Library for Xamarin Android and Movesense Library for Xamarin iOS to develop mobile phone apps using C#, .NET and Xamarin that interact with Movesense sensors. This will be a big boost for Movesense compatible mobile application development as it remarkably reduces the workload of publishing apps on different platforms.

We will also have an intro session of Movesense integration with Unity 3D, presented by Kaasa Solutions. The Unity plugin will enable adding six or even more Movesense sensors to a Unity3D project.  Unity3D is the global leading 2D / 3D game development platform, and the Movesense Unity plugin opens great new opportunities for visualisation of Movesense based motion data in mobile environment.

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