May 9th, 2018

Holonic Systems Turns Body Motion Into Music

Holonic Systems is developing Holon, an auditive mixed reality app that creates functional music from your body movements and your environment. Holon lets you control a modular synthesizer with your biomechanical movements and biosignals.

Holon uses Movesense sensors as biomechanical controllers to turn movement into music. Movesense sensors can be placed to different places on a musician’s body, giving the performer control of modular synthesizer rig using body motion. The Holon mobile app does the same with your phone and Movesense sensors.

Holon was born out of a desire to see more exciting electronic music performances but functional music can be used for much more. It can improve concentration, stamina and performance, for example when exercising. It can also be used for relaxation, yoga, meditation, dance or anything involving motion.

Read more on Holonic Systems and sign up for a beta on Holonic website.  There’s also a longer video interview by that explains the solution in more detail. In social media, follow @HolonicSystems on Twitter and on Facebook and on Instagram.

This video by Sound On Sound magazine gives a nice overview of what it is about. Watch and enjoy!

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