June 25th, 2018

Maxim Integrated Launches a Movesense Based ECG Development Platform

MAX-ECG-MONITOR by Maxim Integrated Products is a wearable ECG and heart monitor evaluation and development platform based on Movesense.

The Movesense sensor features the MAX30003, ultra-low-power, clinical-grade analog front end (AFE) by Maxim Integrated. The component monitors ECG and heart-rate signals. The MAX-ECG-MONITOR uses the AFE with the open Movesense Application Programming Interface. With Movesense tools, developers can run their own ECG-based applications and algorithms locally on the device for a variety of ECG and heart rate use cases.

“The Movesense sensor enables customers to rapidly develop products and provides them with compelling use cases for health and fitness applications,” said Andrew Burt, executive business manager, Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “We are pleased to collaborate with Movesense on this product, which uses Maxim’s MAX30003 clinical-grade AFE for added ECG functionality and access to raw data.”

“Maxim Integrated components are in a key role of the Movesense sensor functionality. We are proud to support using our implementation as a reference for other Maxim Integrated customers,” commented Jussi Kaasinen, business development director for Movesense at Suunto.

The MAX-ECG-MONITOR comes in two form factors — with a wet electrode patch for clinical applications and a chest strap for fitness applications.

The product won a silver award and gained huge interest at the Sensors Expo & Conference in the end of June as a great evaluation and development platform.

Read more about the product and buy it on Maxim Integrated website.

Maxim’s news release

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