June 8th, 2018

Movesense Sensor Firmware 1.6.0 Released

Posted in Developer news

The latest Movesense sensor firmware version 1.6.0 was published a few days ago. As always, we strongly recommend all developers to update their sensors to this one. It is definitely better than any of the previous versions.

The update includes a number of improvements, new features and bug fixes inlcuding

  • Battery measurement improvements  – an area we continue working on.
  • 20kB extra flash – we were able to squeeze down the framework size, allowing a remarkable increase of memory space for your own applications.
  • Whiteboard version 3.15 improves communication between Movesense devices – no direct impact on coding.
  • Timestamp added to ECG data.
  • Custom GATT service – an experimental feature that enables connecting a Movesense sensor with a Bluetooth device that doesn’t run the Movesense mobile library.
  • DebugService storage (EEPROM) – another experimental feature to help debugging.
  • New system states (Free fall/Double tap/Tap) – this is also an experimental one that we prioritized up in order to support a customer project where user input with gestures is needed to control mobile app functionality with a Movesense sensor.

Read the complete release note on Bitbucket.

Check also the Movesense Meetup summary that includes a few points related to Movesense development roadmap.

For feedback and suggestions for the next important features, get in touch via Bitbucket discussion, Stackoverflow and info@movesense.com.

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