July 10th, 2018

German Kaasa solution Joins Movesense Software Partner Network

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Kaasa solution

Kaasa solution GmbH from Düsseldorf, Germany, is the newest software partner for companies interested in adding Movesense based products and benefits to their portfolio.

Kaasa has been building solutions and proof-of-concepts with Movesense for many of their customers and created a Unity 3D plugin to visualize motion data measured with Movesense in 3D environment. Some of Kaasa’s cases so far have included synchronized data collection from several sensors simultaneously, which made them to develop their own multi-sensor data logger app for mobile.

At the moment Kaasa is working on several Movesense-related customer projects and uses Movesense sensors also to solve the needs of new customers.

“Movesense is currently the best sensor platform for healthcare, fitness innovation and your crazy ideas. Having been in various healthcare / fitness device projects and product developments in the last 8 years, Movesense gives us what was missing. The degree of control over the platform is full of benefits for a developer, starting from data protection issues all the way to knowing what algorithm is running on the Movesense device”, sums up Nico Kaartinen, Managing Director of Kaasa solution, and continues,

“We are very happy to be part of the partner network because creating something with Movesense is fun for our clients and for us. Minimizing the hardware risk for our clients has been a key benefit to choose this platform for many projects.”

“We are extremely happy that Kaasa is joining the Movesense partner network. There is a growing need for Movesense software development support in Germany and Central Europe, and Kaasa’s active approach and strong experience with Movesense make them an ideal partner for us and for any company who needs help in developing Movesense applications”, says Eero Mäkikallio, General Manager of Movesense business at Suunto.

If you are interested in starting a project with Kaasa, check their partner site for contact information.


Alexander Kern from Kaasa solution presenting the Unity 3D plugin for Movesense at the Movesense Meetup in May 2018.

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