August 29th, 2018

Movesense Goes Junction – the Biggest Hackathon in Europe

1500 top hackers from around the world are again gathering together in the end of November to Junction, the biggest hackathon in Europe. The location in Aalto university campus in Espoo, Finland, is a hot spot for creativity and technical expertise, and close to Movesense home base, making it a natural fit for us.

Last year we joined the event for the first time and both the dynamic atmosphere of the event and the amount of enthusiasm around Movesense took us by surprise. With 24 submitted projects, the Movesense challenge was among the most popular ones in the whole event and the quality of the projects was excellent. Read our last year summary.

After a highly successful participation in 2017, we are excited to join again this time. The platform has taken big steps during the year, making it ever better for building all kinds of cool and crazy demos within the intense two-day push, and we learned a lot about how to best support the projects during the event.

All the signs are right for a fantastic event again and another success for Movesense. We welcome all participants to check out our challenge and to learn more about the platform on Movesense website. Check especially the developer section to understand more about the technical opportunities and browse the news and showcases to find out about actual commercial projects that are going on.

Movesense challenge introduction on Junction website.


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