August 17th, 2018

Runteq Announces a Motion Analysis Library for Movesense

RUNTEQ, a Finnish pioneer in the next generation fitness technology solutions, announces a new motion analysis software solution for the Suunto Movesense wearable platform and joins Movesense partner network that offers solutions and services to other companies and developers in the Movesense community.

Runteq’s software library, Sports4IMU, includes key software elements to implement a commercial wearable product for individual and team sports that include running. The software already powers Runteq’s own Zoi running technique analysis device and a Movesense-based RUNTEQ smart running sensor.

The solution package takes full advantage of Movesense inertial sensors and provides a comprehensive package of functionalities that are essential for building a commercial sports analytics product with Movesense. The library will be available through various licensing models, including OEM product and software installation. The software is intended for brand manufacturers and wearable application developers.

The library includes three levels of software

  • Bluetooth Profile solutions: Full-stack solutions for standard Bluetooth Running Speed and Cadence (RSC) profile and Runteq proprietary running biomechanics profile,
  • Motion analysis library (generic inertial measurement processing elements and running motion specific analysis), and
  • Software elements to the key measure-process loop with various result data reporting modes.

“With this package we primarily want to lower non-recurring development expenses of new innovations in sports performance analysis and speed up their time-to-market.”, says Tommi Ojala, CEO and Founder of Runteq.

“Runteq adds an important and useful element to Movesense platform and strengthens Movesense’s position as a leading sports performance analysis platform”, describes Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, future concepts at Suunto.


RUNTEQ is one of the first adopters of Suunto Movesense platform and it has already built several product solutions and application-specific algorithms with its customers. Runteq’s core technology consists of cutting-edge kinematics algorithms that turn inertial sensor measurements to meaningful kinematics and kinetic parameters.

The company is developing an artificial intelligence-based digital coaching solution that combines sensor-based analysis with athletes’ subjective feelings and sensations.  Besides its own consumer product business, Runteq licenses its technology and makes software development for other brands. Runteq is a privately-held company, headquartered in Tampere, Finland.

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Check Runteq partner page (includes contact information).


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