September 17th, 2018

How to Apply for a CES Spot with Suunto & Movesense

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Movesense team is inviting companies working on Movesense based projects to launch their upcoming products with Suunto & Movesense in January at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity for projects that are getting ready to market. A shared booth and joint marketing activities will make a stronger market impact and bring huge value for money compared to a standalone market launch.

Read the invitation and general selection criteria here.

We are welcoming applications during September and announcing the selected companies during October. Here are a few topics that you should include in your application that will help us to assess the fit and potential of your project for a great CES presence:

– Short description of the concept: intended use & target user group, key user benefits

– Your project schedule with key milestones. We’ll prioritize products that will become commercially available latest in the first half of 2019.

– Your idea of how to present your product at CES in practice (note that the Movesense area will be about 20×10 feet for all companies together. There will be a large screen for presentations, dedicated for Movesense companies, floor space for demos and dedicated space for displaying physical products.)

– Your draft launch plan: what kind of marketing activities are you planning to drive traffic at CES and to generate interest in the product overall?

– Rough non-committing estimate of your Movesense sensor quantities during 2019. This is to evaluate the commercial potential of the project but we also need an estimate for production planning. Some components have 4-6 months lead time and we want to ensure good availability for projects that expect to scale up rapidly. Please indicate also your preliminary need for accessories such as wrist bands, chest straps etc. if they are part of your solution.

The application should be sent by the end of September to We are looking forward to hear about you!

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