September 19th, 2018

Movesense Plugin for Unity 3D Published in Unity Asset Store

The Movesense Sensor Plugin for Unity 3D, the leading game development and 3D visualization platform, can now be found in the official Unity Asset Store.

This asset makes the integration of your Movesense sensor into a Unity application very fast and easy. The asset gives real time data (e.g., linear acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic field, heart rate and temperature) via Bluetooth Low Energy and makes it easy to collect data from multiple Movesense sensors simultaneously. The Unity package includes visualization examples as well as documentation of how to quick start your project within Unity environment. The asset supports iOS (10.0+) as well as Android (API 19+).

Integrate real time sensor information in your 3D game environment, add an innovative controller you always wanted to build or, add ECG / heart rate data in combination with movement data to your project. The possibilities are endless with the combination of Unity environment and Movesense sensors!

A little bonus for those developers who read this news article: The developer of the first published solution that uses the Unity 3D plugin will receive a cool special prize from the Movesense team. Here are the rules:

  • When you are going live, make a demo video of your application in a format that we can share in Movesense channels.
  • Send the video or a link to it by email to or a direct message on Facebook @movesense. We will share it to the Movesense community for inspiration.
  • Inlcude your mailing address and phone number to the message to receive your prize.

Happy coding!

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