October 22nd, 2018

Movesense Meetup Agenda on Nov 7

Movesense Meetup is a networking event and a workshop for developers and business executives working on Movesense based projects. This time, the case presentations will have emphasis on sports but with an angle that can be extended to many other fields of use.

The event is a great opportunity to work on your project with Suunto Movesense team and other experts, to find business partners and to learn from other companies about their projects. Notice also the Movesense Developer Day on Nov 6 and sports tech event Smash on Nov 8.

Here’s what’s happening during the day:

Movesense Meetup Agenda, Wednesday 7.11.

09:30 Coffee & snacks
10:00 Opening
10:10 Movesense overall status and roadmap
10:30 Movesense case presentations by network members

Projects and cases
– Pekka Koskela, Kuortane Olympic Training Center, and Henry Jalonen, Solita: Technique analysis of track&field athletes. Creating new tools for monitoring athletic performance, training progress and training quality.
Prof. Sampsa Vanhatalo, Children’s Hospital, University of Helsinki: Movesense for monitoring sleep and movement in infants. Building Movesense-based medical wearables for pediatric population, from an idea to practicalities.
– Jussi Virkkala, Suunto: Experimenting with Movesense Sensor in different sports. Examples of possible user benefits for ice hockey and golf.
– Richard Tucker, Race Trace: From concept to reality, how Race Trace has developed a digital swim coaching tool using Movesense. Follow-up of a project presented in May 2018.

New developer tools
– Petri Lipponen, Suunto: Movesense PC simulator. Speeding up Movesense development with the new PC simulator for Visual Studio on Windows.
– Petri Lipponen, Suunto: Movesense 3rd party module framework. How to share software modules with other Movesense developers and commercialize your development results as part of the Movesense platform.
Klaus Förger, Förger Analytics: Visualization of Movesense data with automatically synchronized videos.

12:30 Lunch, networking
13:00 Workshops

– Movesense programming: PC simulator in practice / Petri Lipponen, Suunto
– Motion detection with Movesense / Tuomas Hapola, Suunto
– Planning upcoming launches and shared marketing activities / Terho Lahtinen, Suunto

14:30 Coffee. Workshops continue, Networking
15:30 Workshop recap
16:00 Closing

The event is free of charge but a registration is needed. 50 participants will fit in. Priority is given to participants who are already working on their Movesense projects. Registration was closed on Nov 3.

Welcome to the third Movesense Meetup!

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