November 6th, 2018

Movesense Developer Day Recap and Materials

The first ever Movesense Developer Day on Nov 6, 2018 brought developers together to Suunto for learning effective ways of Movesense programming from Suunto software experts. Participants came with varying background from companies, universities, research and as independent developer.

The day started with a session where Petri Lipponen, lead software developer for the Movesense platform, introduced how to use the recently published desktop simulator for Windows environment. The simulator makes Movesense development faster and easier than before because it removes the need to update the actual sensor software for testing after software changes. After the simulator part, Petri showed how to flash the demo app to the sensor with a mobile phone.

Petri’s presentation can be downloaded as pdf here and the associated script as txt file here. The presentation includes few placeholder slides for live demos. We will update these with actual instructions to Movesense documentation in Bitbucket soon. We will also stream Petri’s simulator presentation on Wednesday Nov 7 on Facebook as part of the Movesense Meetup program.

After the common part, the group split into two tracks. The participants with more experience of Movesense programming continued with specific questions related to their own projects. One of the questions was about creating custom GATT services. Read Petri’s presentation about that topic here (pdf). The related .txt script is here.

Those participants who are about to start a Movesense project had a hands-on session with Suunto developers about how to set up the development environment and how to get started with programming. One of the findings of this session was that we can still improve our instructions on Movesense setup for Linux.

The program continues on Wednesday Nov 7 with Movesense Meetup and on Thursday Nov 8 with the sports tech event Smash. The Meetup topics are interesting for both developers and business & product experts. Check the agenda here

. We will stream the presentations before lunch on Facebook.

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