January 10th, 2019

Atomic unveils new Hawx Ultra Connected Ski Boot with Movesense Technology

For over 60 years Atomic has been building ski equipment in Altenmarkt, Austria with a know-how and passion for skiing unlike any other company.  At CES 2019 ,Atomic introduced the future of ski boot + skier connectivity with the debut of a digital skiing concept – HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED.

Developed in cooperation with biomechanics experts from Salzburg University and Salzburg Research and Suunto’s Movesense team, Hawx Connected allows you to know precisely how to adjust your skiing technique for higher performance and enhanced skiing experience through refining your balance, pressure control and edging skills.

The Hawx Connected system features a custom-built Movesense sensor attached to the ski boot and embedded force sensors inside the boot liner, connected to the Movesense unit that interfaces via Bluetooth with the Atomic Connected App. The mobile app uses sensory feedback from the boot for on-demand notifications and instant on-slope feedback for smarter, safer, and stronger skiing.

Track your day on the mountain

With in-depth technique analysis, the Atomic Connected App delivers loads of ski specific data like balance, pressure control, edging, slope angle, turn count, GPS track, run count, average speed, top speed, total distance, total vertical and more. The Atomic Connected App lets you casually compete with your own friends and share with the global ski community.

Coach yourself

The Atomic Connected App is also your training log, coach, and ski buddy, giving you the perfect inspirational video and the ultimate breakdown of your skiing technique the second you finish each run while archiving your results from a season’s worth of skiing. Set goals, reach targets, and improve your skiing.

Following an ongoing, intensive winter testing program, Atomic plans to release the Connected App in the iOS and Android App Store for Q4 2019 and the connected product experience in Q1 2020.

About Atomic

Atomic is an Amer Sports brand and a sister company of Suunto. Read the news release on Amer Sports website.


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