January 7th, 2019

With Movesense, Overskudd helps users connect stress to performance

Performance and strong decision making is critical for all of us, whether we are fighting for survival, a promotion, a contract, or any other type of achievement.

That’s where Overskudd come in. It’s a Norwegian company that is helping users improve performance by giving them access to insights about stress, recovery, and the effect of interventions.

Overskudd uses the Movesense sensor to measure heart rate variability (HRV) and motion. Overskudd’s analytics show unconscious responses to potentially stressful situations. Those insights can be a compass for maneuvering through daily life and an accounting system for your energy.

Overskudd Analytics is used by athletes who have won more than 50 World Championships and 15 Olympic Gold Medals, as well as US Navy Rescue Teams, delta forces, executives, Air Traffic Controllers (ATC’s), executives and researchers across the globe.

“We’ve studied human nervous systems for 10 years using various devices,” Holt said. “Now with the Movesense sensor, we will be able to provide professional services for the consumer market. In our case, ‘professional’ means that the measurements are sufficiently accurate for analysis, when compared to the vast majority of bands and other gadgets on the market, which measure approximate heart rate on the wrist. We should make decisions based on facts, not fiction.”

Movesense sensors have allowed Overskudd to develop products for individual consumers and organizations.

Overskudd Analytics give users a granular view into their stress and recovery conditions throughout the day. Users can measure the effect of interventions and make better choices.

“The interventions people make are highly individual,” Holt said. “Everybody needs to recover as much as possible during sleeping hours, but interventions during the day also have great effect.

Overskudd is one of five companies that will demonstrate its product at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Visit Overskudd website.

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