February 26th, 2019

Konect Motion extends Movesense development partner network to the U.S.

Movesense development partner network expands to the U.S. as our new partner Konect Motion, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, starts offering development services to other companies with Movesense powered projects.

Among the numerous sports sensor products that Konect Motion has developed are the speed and reaction time training tools Konect Speed and Konect Speed Pro for athletes that Konect Sports launched at CES 2019. Read CEO David Troup’s interview of the project.

After good experiences in their own Movesense project, Konect Motion decided to start offering their expertise in Movesense development to other companies. David Troup enlightens the background of the decision:

“Konect Sports is part of a product group inside of our custom development organization with a long history of developing both custom and product motion sensing solutions for select partners.

Until now, Konect Motion has been forced to create our own hardware solutions for these projects and products, but now with Movesense, we’re able to deliver the best quality hardware and software solutions without the costly investment in hardware development. Our Konect Motion customers also recognize the value and are very pleased with our relationship with Movesense/Suunto. They rely on us to stay on the cutting edge of product and technology innovations and working with the Movesense platform enables us to focus on what matters – creating solutions that are on time, on budget and on target.

When companies who are interested in building or acquiring a sensor based app or solution saw what we were able to do with Konect Sports products in such short time and budget, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries. It was clear that there is a need for our specialty combined with the Movesense platform to serve a market need.

The Konect Motion customer base is quite diverse across sports, enterprise, medical, broadcast and even pet care. There are so many opportunities for motion powered products and solutions and we’re excited to be partnered with Movesense with KonectMotion.”

“It’s important for us to have a highly competent go-to development partner on the U.S. soil”, says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager for the Movesense business at Suunto. “We are extremely delighted to have Konect Motion joining the network. They have demonstrated high competence with the Movesense platform, have an extensive background in motion sensors and great connections in the sports tech world”, Kaasinen sums up.

View Konect Motion partner page to learn more about their expertise areas.

Konect Motion website

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