May 16th, 2019

Movesense Meetup was Full of Energy and Enthusiasm

On May 15, Movesense network got together at Suunto, Finland, for the fifth community meetup. 40 participants learned about the latest Movesense powered projects and launches, found interesting partnering opportunities with other participating companies, and went through their projects with Movesense experts from Suunto to get useful feedback and support for getting ready to market.

“It was great to see such enthusiasm and energy within the community”, says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager of Movesense business at Suunto. “Especially startup participants have a huge drive to complete their projects quickly. It’s fantastic to be able to help them”, he continues.

“It was an extremely productive event and really exceeded our expectations. We received answers to all our questions and make a big step ahead with our project”, says Mindaugas Balciunas from Trainer X, Lithuania.

Five extremely interesting case presentations

Product Manager Ville Tuppurainen from Firstbeat introduced the new Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live App that were launched just two days before the meetup in Firstbeat HRV Summit. This is a solution for monitoring and managing training load and recovery of team sports athletes. Read more about the system here.

Researcher Jari Ruokolainen presented a scientific study that improved the diagnostics accuracy of Parkinson’s disease from 70% that the best doctors reach, to 90%, when using movement data, machine learning and AI. The research group had also developed a system architecture that allows easy data collection from Movesense sensors with mobile phones all around the globe. The group considers making the system available for other projects as well.

Matti Vartiainen, CEO of Ain1, gave an update of their balance measuring system for rehabilitation and athlete training that started shipping few weeks ago. Ain1’s COO Anne Bruun shared useful insights from the process that they went through to get a CE medical approval for their solution.

Kaasa Solution’s CEO Nico Kaartinen presented their latest projects, Kick Ass for training boxing and martial arts, and Datalogger app for recording synchronized Movesense data from several sensors and associated video image.

Olli Tikkanen, Co-founder of Fibion, went through Fibion’s activity tracking solution that can reliably detect sitting, standing, and a number of different activities. They are looking for a partner to bring their current B2B system available to consumers, utilizing the Movesense sensor. If you are interested in partnering with Fibion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Movesense team for introduction.

Olli Tikkanen from Fibion is looking for partners to extend their unique wellness solution from corporate health to consumer market.

Movesense MD makes medical certification easier

Jussi Kaasinen gave a status update of Suunto’s project to certify the Movesense sensor as class 2a medical device in Europe. Once the approval is done, there will be a new medical version of the Movesense sensor, “Movesense MD”, that helps Movesense customer companies to certify their own specific health related solutions as medical devices. We will share more information on this after an audit of a notified body in June.

New Movesense mobile app for iOS coming soon

One of the big recent development efforts of the Movesense team is an all-new showcase app for iOS. Mikko Hiltunen, who coordinates Movesense software development, demoed the new app and went through its key features. The two main benefits are fluent data collection with several Movesense sensors and a modular software structure that allows customer companies to skin the app for their own needs, dramatically reducing the amount of work for creating new Movesense compatible iOS apps. The app is now being finalized and will be released in the App Store in the near future.

Coincident with the Meetup, we also released the 1.9.0 sensor firmware and a new MDS library for iOS and Android, that Hiltunen briefed to the audience. He also touched briefly the upcoming 1.10 firmware update that we are currently working on. Read more about the updates here.

We will share the meeting presentations in another news article as soon as we receive the presentations from the speakers. Meanwhile, the streamed presentations can be found on our Facebook page.

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