May 13th, 2019

Firstbeat Introduces new Firstbeat Sports Sensor with Movesense

Finnish Firstbeat is one of the leading sports physiology companies in the world, offering its heart rate variation analysis to wearables, corporate health and professional sports around the world. One of the key products of the company, Firstbeat Sports, the provider of the most comprehensive internal training load analyses in team sports monitoring, is launching a new Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app.

The next generation solution brings focus and mobility to coaching by introducing a Sensor utilizing Suunto Movesense technology, and a Live app (for iPad). The Sensor measures players’ heart rate, calculates the training load and sends it to the coach iPad for online monitoring and post-session analysis.

The Live app introduces the most advanced, and efficient, real-time monitoring experience yet. Coaching staff can now access essential load and intensity data on the move and upload data with ease.

Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Firstbeat Director of Sports Performance Products, on the new solution: “At Firstbeat, we pride ourselves on providing physiological insights that allow coaches, sports scientists and players to make the right decisions to optimize performance and recovery. With Suunto’s Movesense sensor platform, we were able to focus on embedding algorithms within the hardware and, therefore, optimizing the user benefits.”

Movesense platform enables Firstbeat to add new user benefits

Programmable Movesense sensor allows local data processing and continuous load calculation for each player individually. The sensor’s internal memory is used for buffering player data if player is out of the Bluetooth range of the coach iPad.

Equipped with a Bluetooth radio, the sensor can communicate directly with the coach iPad, eliminating the need of a laptop and a separate receiver of the previous system and making the solution very lightweight and practical.

Movesense technology also makes the solution future proof as the sensor functionality can be updated when new needs arise.

Long partnership

Firstbeat Sports Sensor incorporates Suunto Movesense technology alongside Firstbeat’s Heart Rate Variability monitoring technology. This builds on a long-standing relationship between Suunto and Firstbeat that stands from 2004 when Firstbeat analytics were used with Suunto watches for the first time.

“We are very proud that Firstbeat is using the Movesense sensor platform, and that we can together offer sports teams globally a convenient and innovative solution for player monitoring. For us, this kind of partnerships are extremely important as they allow us to reach user groups that we would not be able to serve ourselves”, says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager for Suunto Movesense.

Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app are available to pre-order now as part of the Firstbeat Sports team package. Learn more at Firstbeat website.

Movesense developer kits can be ordered in Movesense shop.

For Suunto partnering opportunities, please visit Suunto partner site.

About Firstbeat

Firstbeat transforms heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat Sports solutions are currently used by over 1,000 teams and 23,000 athletes across the world to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track player development. This includes teams across soccer, rugby, MLB, NFL, NBA, the NHL, and more. Firstbeat analytics are also used in over 100 consumer wearables in partnership with leading brands and have been used within the corporate sector in over 300,000 Lifestyle Assessments, in over 40 countries.

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