June 6th, 2019

New Movesense Showcase App for iOS Speeds Up Development Projects

The new Movesense Showcase iOS application is now available on Apple iTunes. The completely re-built app takes the old iOS sample app to a totally new level and makes developing Movesense powered solutions much faster and easier than before.

The app has two main purposes, sensor data collection and a starting point for developing custom iOS apps for Movesense powered projects.

With the app, you can connect one or multiple Movesense sensors to an iPhone, stream data from the sensors to the phone and record sensor data into files for further analyzing. You can easily select which data to record and quickly share the log files with other developers and analytics tools.

If you are building your own iOS app that works with the Movesense sensor, the new Showcase App is a perfect starting point.

The app source code will be available for developers in the near future. The architecture of the code is modular and, for instance, the UI layer can be replaced with new functionality and custom looks without having to touch other parts of the code. This will speed up your iOS development tremendously.

Install the app on iTunes.

To access all features of the app, you will need a Movesense sensor. If you don’t have a sensor yet, you can get it from the Movesense Shop.

Main features:

• Sensor connection for one or multiple sensors
• Easy-to-use data recording function
• Sharing recorded data logs (CSV and JSON)
• Device firmware update to selected sensor

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