August 29th, 2019

Kaasa Solution Launches a Sensor System for Martial Arts

Kick / Box Trainer is a martial arts sensor system by Kaasa solution GmbH.

The German Movesense development partner Kaasa Solution just released their Kick / Box Trainer, a martial arts sensor system and a mobile app for training monitoring.

The prerequisite for successful athletic training is the right relationship between the quality and quantity of training and rest. This is essentially helped by measuring training. However, there are hardly any automatic measurement methods suitable for martial arts. To fulfill this need, Kaasa presents a new Movesense powered product, Kick / Box Trainer.

The aim of the Kick / Box Trainer is to give as much insights to boxing and martial arts training as possible. With its 6 different training modes, the solution suits for a large variety of users. For instance, the different modes help to train a certain sequence of movements or your box training endurance.

The system works with two Movesense sensors at the same time and can be upgraded to four sensors for monitoring both arms and legs and their timing and power in relation to each other.

Kaasa Solution developed the product in co-operation with the German martial arts school Sportsschule Alex in Düsseldorf where both companies are located. Nico Kaartinen, CEO of Kaasa Solution, comments the project:

– We are very happy to have found a real passionate martial arts expert with Meister Alex Kamanis and his Sportschule Alex directly in Düsseldorf. Their insights helped us to put together an easy-to-use training monitoring solution for real time feedback, progress monitoring and comprehensive statistic of each training session. Movesense sensors combined with the smart mount wrist and ankle bands make system really plug and play. Just connect the sensors and start the training. At the end you will have a combination of various statistics and results of the session.

The Kick / Box Trainer application is available for iOS and can be downloaded in App Store. It works with standard Movesense sensors that can be acquired via the schools and studios that use the system or directly at shop.

On this video, Alex Kamanis comments the solution and how they intend to use it in training:

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