November 19th, 2019

Movesense Developer Kit Updated

Movesense Developer Kit is an essential part of getting started with Movesense evaluation and development. To keep the barrier of entry as low as possible, we revised the developer kit content and came up with Movesense Developer Kit 2.0. The kit contains

  • Movesense HR+ sensor
  • Chest strap for heart rate and ECG monitoring (black, size M)
  • Movesense strap mount, comes with a wrist-sized band with velcro length adjustment
  • Movesense Clothing Clip to clip the sensor on belt or pocket.
  • Movesense Surface Mount, Smart version. Minimalist basic mount for attaching Movesense sensor to any flat hard surface. Attaches with double sided tape. The smart version contains a 1-wire ID chip that you can read with the sensor and use for instance to launch a specific function in the sensor when it is plugged to the mount.

The new kit includes an extensive collection of accessories for movement and heart measurement. The Surface Mount comes as a smart version to try out the possibilities of the unique ID that is embedded in the mount and can be read by the sensor. If you need more than one sensor to experiment with your concept, you can simply extend the dev kit by adding individual sensors to your shopping cart.

To start collecting data, you only need the Movesense Showcase App and you are ready to go.

To get going with the actual development, read first our developer documentation where you’ll find instructions for setting up the development environment, plenty of code samples and the Movesense API description.

Get the developer kit here!

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