March 25th, 2020

Movesense Offers Free Sensors for Finding Solutions to Combat COVID-19

Movesense sensors can be used to monitor heart rate, ECG and movement of a person in field conditions. There are already projects where companies are using these features to detect arrhythmias, to evaluate physiological load and mental stress through heart rate variation, or to monitor chest movement and breathing.

Movesense team wants to contribute to the fight against the current Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we request our network to give thoughts on whether the sensors could provide any help in detecting symptoms, monitoring patients, managing recovery, or in any other way support healthcare operators in this difficult situation.

As an example, we spotted a study published in 1999 by Alexander et al. that examined the ECG changes in rabbits following rabbit coronavirus (RbCV) infection. It may not be directly applicable to humans but could give ideas for possible directions.

COVID-19 is also causing acute cardiac complications as described in this clinical guidance of American College of Cardiology.

Also, it has been reported that, some medication taken to treat Coronovirus patients may cause changes in the heart’s electrical system, visible in the ECG signal as a prolonged QT/QTc, which is a potentially dangerous state.

We would like to offer our helping hand, in the form of a programmable personal sensor, capable of performing single channel ECG and 9-axis motion measurements for research purposes in a variety of environments *.

If you come up with a short term research question or a practical project where Movesense sensors could be used to help the situation of COVID-19 patients and healthcare personnel, let us know immediately via

We will make sensors available, free of charge, for projects that have a concrete proposal on how the sensors would help. The amount of free sensors will be based on the scope, schedule, and expected outcome of each project proposal.

(*) Please note that today the Movesense sensor is not registered as medical device, but we are in the middle of the process of rolling out a medically approved variant, Movesense MD. The Movesense MD is capable of recording clinical quality single channel ECG and is currently going through the European CE medical device approval process to be registered as a class IIa medical device accessory.

Given the times, though, we want to do what we can to help the research community to find solutions to the Coronavirus situation. by providing Movesense MD sensors to research projects where such measurements would be needed.

More information on the Movesense MD sensor and its capabilities are available here:

Feel free to share this post in your network. Movesense community alone is not big enough to bring this invitation to all the experts around the world who are working in the forefront of the Coronavirus crisis.

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