March 17th, 2020

Movesense Orders Shipping Almost Normally despite of Corona

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Dear community,

we are living extraordinary times with the global health challenge of Covid-19. Despite of the special measure and restrictions that the situation causes to all of us, we are happy to announce that our production is running almost normally. We can keep shipping orders placed on Movesense Shop and also larger batches with custom branding and firmware.

We will do our best to serve you quickly. However, please note that, due to the safety measures to maintain the health of our employees, some little delays may occur.

Movesense team members are currently working from home and visiting the office only when absolutely necessary. We assume that most of the Movesense community is doing the same. This means that some of the usual daily tasks will not be in the program for a while and there may be some unexpected time available to spend on creative work and long term development.

Combining this with the fact that we have a nice amount of Movesense Developer Kits in stock, how about giving a try to your own sensor programming idea now?

Movesense Developer Kit 2.0

  • Movesense HR+ sensor
  • Heart rate monitor belt with Movesense connector (black, size M)
  • Movesense strap mount + a wrist band with velcro adjustment
  • Movesense Clothing Clip
  • Movesense Surface Mount, smart version (contains a 1-wire ID chip). Attaches to any hard surface with double sided tape.

Movesense Developer Kit

  • Two Movesense sensors
  • Heart rate monitor belt with Movesense connector (black, size M)

Collection of links to developer documentation, API description, sample software and other SDK elements can be found here.

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