April 2nd, 2020

Volava Boxing Kit – an Exclusive Fit Boxing Experience at Home

Volava Bokxing Kit for connected home exercise

New technologies are revolutionizing our daily lives, and how we exercise is not an exception. The demand for comfortable and convenient solutions for exercising is increasing rapidly, and the recent restrictions of normal group exercise and outdoor training due to the COVID-19 epidemic have caused a real peak in the home training market.

To build up on the trend, the Spanish startup Volava is expanding its product range with the Volava Boxing Kit, a solution that brings a connected Fit Boxing experience to the comfort of your home.

Founded in Barcelona in 2017 by Joel Balagué, Volava has developed unique high-end technology and disruptive products and platforms for home exercise. The Boxing Kit is the next extension of their smart fitness offering after the introduction of indoor cycling for home last year.

Volava tracks boxing technique and intensity

Volava Boxing Kit includes a punching bag, gloves, an exercise mat and four Movesense sensors that track all your movements and exercise metrics. The sensors connect to the Volava boxing app that will launch for iOS and Android. The overall system has been designed to be used with mobile, tablet or even with TV sets.

In addition to the actual Boxing Kit, you can subscribe to a monthly service for exclusive Fit Boxing classes. This brings social connection, motivation and a feeling of real class environment to your home exercise.

A wide range of live and on demand classes allows every user to have a personalized workout experience in the moment that best suits them. Users can choose classes by duration, instructor, language, music style and session difficulty.

Volava software connects sensor metrics with class content and a social leaderboard. The system shows various performance values like the number of punches and their force to give an idea of your boxing technique. It also monitors calories and heart rate to follow the training intensity, and gives feedback on how well a you are performing the moves of a boxing class.

If you happen to visit Barcelona once the travel restrictions are gone, don’t forget to visit Volava’s boutique studio and showroom to see live how the experience is produced and to try out the equipment!

Volava Boxing Kit Price: 899€

Monthly subscription service: 39€ per month

Volava showcase

Read more on Volava.com


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