June 10th, 2020

Connecting Movesense to Suunto 7 smartwatch

Suunto 7 smartwatch with Wear OS

Did you know that the Movesense sensor is compatible with Suunto 7 smartwatch?

Movesense sensor is an awesome tool on its own for a whole bunch of use cases, varying from health measurement uses to environmental monitoring to sports performance data gathering. But there are even more possibilities, as Movesense sensor’s functionality can be extended further, by adding a  fancy user interface for data visualization on the go and possibility for larger data storage.  In some cases it is not possible to carry a mobile phone while doing the measurements, so a light weight and stylish alternative comes handy.

Please meet a new companion for Movesense sensor, yet another great invention from Suunto: Suunto 7 Wear OS smartwatch. Suunto 7 provides a stylish and rugged Wear OS companion device that can be connected simultaneously to multiple Movesense sensors using the MDS library or CustomGattService.

To create a Wear OS app that can talk to the Movesense sensor, just use the same libraries as you would on a normal Android app. Both RxAndroidBle and MDS libraries work exactly as they do in Android mobile phones, so the documentation and the code in latest MDS Android samples are all that is needed. For more information about Wear OS programming, see https://developer.android.com/wear.


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